Group Travel Done Differently


Sound familiar? Or some variation of it? Maybe your friends can’t get the time off work. Perhaps they just bought a house. Or you might still be trying to convince that one friend to come with you? (they’re going to crack eventually right). You’ve considered a group tour but worried it may be too touristy. And what if you don’t have anything in common the other guests? If this sounds like you then we could be a good fit. Our trips are tailored specifically to people aged 25-45 and we travel with a vibe much closer to what you’d get with your own friends. Here’s how we do it.

THE PEOPLE (25-45)

We put a lot of emphasis on bringing together groups of a similar age, with a shared approach to travel and who are likely to get along.

  • Aged 25-45
  • No rowdy youngsters wanting to party all day long.
  • Or people your parents age (sorry).
  • Mostly from UK, Europe, USA, Canada & Australia
  • Majority are solo travellers
  • They’re sociable and like to meet new people
  • Open minded, up for an adventure and excited to embrace a different culture
  • Enjoy boutique hotels, delicious food and authentic experiences
  • Up to 14 people per trip

Our guests almost always say that the “group” was a highlight of the trip. Here’s just a few comments from our customer testimonials.

“As a group we laughed so much”

“I was sure the other people on the tour had been handpicked for me”

“As a group we gelled so well that it felt like we had known each other for more than two weeks”

“The group I was with were fantastic. All different in our own ways, but with the same like-minded approach to the trip”

“Our group had so many laughs and jokes”

Other Way Round guests showing why they travel with us


We design trips based on how we like to travel ourselves (group travel more fitting for our generation).

  • Exotic locations we know intimately
  • Packed with adventure, cultural immersion and social impact
  • Only activities that locals genuinely do themselves (we HATE manufactured tourism).
  • High quality: boutique hotels, awesome food, top-notch experiences.
  • Venture outside the tourist zones and interact with everyday people.
  • Get active: hike, bike, dance, sail, reconnect with nature
  • Participate in local culture.
  • Spend your money in local communities (where it’s very much needed).
  • We are constantly seeking out the newest & coolest experiences (that you won’t find in guidebooks)
  • Evening socialising equally as important as daytime action.
  • “Free time” to explore your own interests.
  • Hassle free – we’re all over logistics!
Here's why we travel with Other Way Round


For us this is personal.

We’re not some huge corporate operating in scores of countries or carrying hundreds of thousands of guests.

We don’t simply stitch together an itinerary then hand you off to a some 3rd party.

We don’t manufacture a bunch of “authentic” experiences so that you can “live like a local”.

And we don’t do mass produced or cookie-cutter type trips.


That’s not what this is about.

We bring you into our world and share with you some of our favourite destinations in the world.

We get to know each and every one of our customers personally.

And we get involved in the activities with you.

Many of our customers have never travelled with a tour group before – they often don’t see themselves as the tour group type. They choose us because they want something that doesn’t feel so “touristy”.

They want something more like that same trip they would do with their own friends.

Essentially, we become a group of friends travelling together.

(just think of us as that one friend who’s all over the planning).

Sound like your kind of thing? See what our previous guests said.

Other Way Round travel group