OWR Travel – Which Trip is Right For You?

by | Jan 11, 2024

Fancy joining one of our trips but trying to decide which one is right for you?

Here’s some insight.

If you want a summer vacay type trip in and around the ocean do…GREECE, CROATIA or BRAZIL

If you want an in-depth cultural experience do…INDIA or MOROCCO

If you want high energy Latin vibes do…MEXICO or COLOMBIA (OR BRAZIL)

If you want epic nature do…PERU

If you want to experience South East Asia do…VIETNAM & CAMBODIA

There’s more info on all of these below!

(Also worth reading our reviews for direct feedback from our past guests)

GREECE (8 Days)

For dreamy European summers!

Greece is the perfect summer holiday trip if you’re looking for culture, beaches, tasty cocktails and amazing food. We go to 3 places.

Starting in the capital city of Athens which has some of the best history on the planet including the Acropolis, Parthenon and the stadium which hosted the first ever Olympic Games. It’s a cool city break and also happens to be the perfect hopping off point to the islands.

Island number one we stay is Paros which is a lesser known island filled with those iconic whitewashed buildings, cute little towns, vineyards, several beaches and surrounded by a chain of islands known as the Small Cyclades (where we visit on our private boat).

And then for a complete contrast the second island we do is probably the most well known of them all – Santorini. And there’s a good reason why it’s so popular – pretty towns set upon rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean, volcanoes & the most dreamy sunsets. Santorini is Greece exactly how you imagine it (it’s also a great spot to stay longer or a point from which to visit more Greek islands).

With our Greece trip you know exactly what you’re getting – a little bit of culture and then summer vacation mode in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There’ll be sailing, beach days, an extremely picturesque hike, great food and it’ll all finish off with an evening cruise into the Santorini sunset.


Other Way Round Travel Greece


For river markets, rice paddies and ancient temples!

If you’re looking to travel South-East Asia we think Vietnam and Cambodia are two of the most interesting places to start!

Much of the trip is in Vietnam – we go from North to South – and then “pop over” to Cambodia for the final few days to visit Angkor Wat (the “must-do” place in Cambodia).

In Vietnam we start in the capital Hanoi. The city is a hub of activity – exactly how you would expect Asia to be with motorbikes buzzing around, street vendors, trains going through the middle of the street – and we spend a full-on day here seeing the main city highlights and eating lots of food (sidenote – if you haven’t tried Vietnamese food yet it’s superb)!

From here we head out to visit rural Vietnam in a place called Pu Luong and then Ninh Binh. These places give you a great feel for the countryside – completely different from the cities – and you will see rice paddies, small villages, beautiful rivers and it’s a very peaceful part of the trip where you get to spend time in and around nature.

Continuing with the nature theme we spend one night in Ha Long Bay which is a kind of surreal place of natural beauty very unique to Vietnam where huge limestone cliffs drop into the emerald sea.

Then onto Hoi An, instagram’s favourite Vietnamese city with its canal lined streets and melting pot of architecture. Hoi An is a great place to spend a few days with a combination of getting out into the nearby countryside and also the town itself is great for just wandering around.

After this we go to the second big city of Vietnam which is Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). The city itself is uber cool, much more modern than Hanoi, but we mainly use it as a hop-off point to visit the Chu Chi Tunnels (remnants of the Vietnam War) and also the Mekong Delta, a river basin connecting Vietnam and Cambodia.

From here we take a short flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia, which is the base for visiting Angkor Wat, but it’s also a very cool place in its own right and so we spend our last few days here with time for you to explore at your own pace.

This itinerary covers a lot of ground and truly has a bit of everything – packed Asian cities, tiny little villages, time in nature, river markets, bike rides, kayaking, swimming, history, temples, trekking. The food is also really good. If you’re looking to do some exploring in Asia it doesn’t get much better than this!


Other Way Round Travel Vietnam & Cambodia


For music, dance and colour!

Colombia is the trip we’ve been doing longest and for good reason – Colombia is awesome! It’s a place most people know very little about but everyone leaves completely in love with it.

We go to Medellin which has transformed into a place people were once scared to go into now being regarded as one of the world’s coolest cities. It’s set deep in a valley within the Andes mountains making it very easy on the eye, it has a trendy metro cable system transporting people around the city, it’s got too many hip bars and restaurants to name, and it’s a place with so many amazing stories to tell. We do love Medellin.

We also visit the colorful Andean towns of Guatape and Jardin which are delightful little places to visit and feel exactly like stepping back in time (think cowboy country).

Then there’s Cartagena which is on the Caribbean coast, is centred around an extremely beautiful old town and is nearby the stunning Rosario Islands (great island hopping)! Cartagena has a real vacation feel to it.

Next stop is Parque Tayrona which we describe as otherworldly as it’s a stunning national park, in a super remote part of Colombia, sandwiched between the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Caribbean Sea, and home to an indigenous tribe still living in the park jungle. It’s a very special place.

Finally there’s Bogota, the capital of Colombia, a very modern city with great history, lots of culture and epic views.

The Colombia trip is just really great fun. We do massive cities, tiny towns, beach, jungle, boat rides, hikes, dance lessons, coffee farms, rum tasting and a whole lot more. Colombia doesn’t have one big bucket list item like many other countries, but it’s one of the most high energy, good vibes places you will visit and it turns out to be many people’s favourite country.


Other Way Round Travel Colombia

CROATIA (8 Days)

For pure summer vibes!

Croatia, Croatia, Croatia – oh how we do love Croatia!

If you’re looking for a chilled week, in the sun, by the water, in a ridiculously beautiful place, then come to Croatia.

Our trip focuses on a small section of the country along the rugged coastline of the Adriatic Sea. We visit 3 separate places, moving around by ferry.

We start in Split which is a very beautiful port city centred around the historical Diocletian’s Palace. It’s full of history, is surrounded by beaches, and has great night-life especially along the Riva – a wide palm-lined promenade full of trendy bars and cafes perfect for people watching and long chats into the night. We also use Split as base to visit the stunning Krka National park, a breathtaking stretch of nature including the epic Skradinski Buk Falls (a network of 17 cascading waterfalls).

Next up is Hvar, island for the rich and famous (and us!). It’s  a dream place to spend a few days swimming in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, sailing the nearby islands (including Vis), visiting the local vineyards and taking in the view from the fort. Hvar is a place you’re not going to want to leave. But, the good news is, the next stop may be even better…

Because Dubrovnik has to be one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful cities ever built (Google it!). It all centres around the Old Town, a maze of marble buildings contained within the imposing city walls and rugged cliffs facing onto the Adriatic. If you like views then you’ll love our evening walk around the walls and if you want an even higher perspective you can take the cable car up Srd Mountain to see the sun set over this mediaeval fort city. There’s a reason why much of Game of Thrones was filmed here.

Croatia is such a brilliant summer holiday. We visit national parks, island hop, kayak, visit wineries, eat amazing fresh food and more. It’s a much more chilled vibe then many of our other itineraries and leaves lots of time for dips in the sea, coastal walks and cocktails with new friends.


Other Way Round Travel Croatia

MOROCCO (9 Days)

For mystical cities and starry desert nights!

Morocco is probably something completely different from what you’ve ever experienced. It has this amazing mix of being in Africa, with an Arabic culture, and predominantly Muslim religion so it really is an insight into another world.

We visit the third biggest mosque in the world in Casablanca, a port city on the Atlantic Ocean.

Then there’s short stops in Rabat (the capital city) and Volubilis (site of Roman ruins).

From here we visit Fez which is a mediaeval market city with a feel straight out of Aladdin. It’s home to the finest crafts people of Morocco and its medina is a labyrinth of lanes, alleyways, street food, shops and more. It’s a completely unique experience to wander through its streets. In Fez you will find true, untouched Morocco.

Onto the Sahara Desert which is a truly mind blowing experience. It’s one of those places you’ve heard about all your life but to be here, riding a camel, watching sunrise/sunset and to be sleeping under the stars is a very surreal moment in life. We predict this will be one of your favourite travel highlights ever.

From here we visit some other smaller, lesser known places – Ourzazate, the Todra Gorge (think Grand Canyon), Skoura and the kasbah town of Ait Benhaddou – and these are a great way to experience Moroccan life outside of the big cities.

Our trip finishes in Marrakech – often the only place people visit in Morocco – which has the medinas, markets and energy of Fez, but also with more of an international influence which makes it a melting pot of a bit of everything. Marrakech is noisy, it’s hectic, it’s intense – it’s a bit of a madhouse really – but what a place it is to experience! Without doubt it will make an impression on you.

Morocco feels a bit more of a cultural experience than some of our trips, there’s a bit more focus on seeing and learning things, rather than being active and doing (it’s the nature of tourism in the country). In saying that, there will be camel riding, cooking classes and the opportunity for quad biking.


Other Way Round Travel Morocco

MEXICO (11 Days)

For mouthwatering food and diverse culture!

There is so much more to Mexico than people typically know – it’s a completely brilliant place – and so on this trip we go to 3 very distinct parts of the country to show you exactly that.

We start in Mexico City which, on the surface, is a big, bustling, mega-city but, when you see it up close you’re going to find something very different (“this is so different from what I imagined” we hear you say). It’s filled with spacious boulevards, European style architecture, many parks and green spaces, and generally it’s just a very cool and liveable city.

Then there’s Oaxaca, the rural heartland of Mexico. It’s a city but feels much more like a cute little town. The streets are cobbled, the buildings brightly coloured, there’s a thriving artistic community and it feels like authentic, untouched Mexico.

And finally, Tulum. A beach town – but – not just any old beach town. It’s located in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by crystal clear cenotes (perfect for swimming) and it has its own unique vibe quite unlike anywhere else. Plus it’s a great place to end the trip and tag on a few extra days by the beach.

The Mexico itinerary is a bit of an all rounder as we do a little of everything – some history , lots of amazing food (especially if you like tacos), fun boat trips, bike rides, secret swimming holes, ancient ruins, mezcal, yoga and much more!


Other Way Round Travel Mexico

BRAZIL (12 Days)

For untamed beaches and carnival atmosphere!

Brazil is famous for its Rio carnival but the truth is that this energy and spirit is prevalent in the country year round – the people here know how to enjoy life!

This trip starts in Sao Paulo which is a big concrete city, the largest in South America (think New York but bigger) but we only spend one day here soaking up the cosmopolitan vibes before heading towards the Atlantic coast which is where the real soul of Brazil can be discovered.

We spend a couple of days in Paraty which is a charming colonial town sandwiched between the Atlantic ocean and rainforest meaning lots of activities in and around the water and also in the neighbouring jungle. This is where Brazilians come for holiday.

Then onto Ilha Grande (the big island) which is a super tropical island just off the coast and is filled with secluded beaches and hidden waterfalls. This is the perfect spot for lazy summer days and it’s very much our happy place.

And we finish off our itinerary – and spend most of the time – in the one and only Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is everything you hope it would be and more. The beaches are spectacular (especially Copacabana and Ipanema), the views from Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf mountain are to die for and the vibe of Rio is like nowhere else on earth. You simply can’t go through life and not experience Rio. This is a place for drinking caipirinhas, dancing samba and having a good time.

Our Brazil itinerary only covers a small-ish section of Brazil but each place is completely different. That means, lots of contrast and diversity, but less travel time (and hence more time to enjoy). We do city tours, bike rides, boat trips, beach days, kayaking, capoeira, samba, favela tours and more. This trip involves visiting 7 beaches and so is especially good for those who like to be in and around the water.


Other Way Round Travel Brazil

INDIA (15 Days)

For an in-your-face cultural experience!

India is exactly what you imagine it to be. Noisy. Chaotic. 5 people standing where you would expect there to be 1. Cows in the middle of the highway. Delhi belly. It really is an in-your-face assault on the senses type of place. And if that’s what you’re looking for…you will find it absolutely brilliant!

We try to cover quite a lot of India in a fairly short time so even in one trip you get a good feel for some of the variety of India (which is such a huge country).

The trip starts in the capital city of Delhi, home to 35 million people, and it’s the hustle and bustle you would expect of India with heaving markets, temples, rickshaws and street vendors vying for your attention.

Then on to Agra, to visit the Taj Mahal. For many people, this alone is worth coming to India for (not us – we’re doing way more on this trip).

Next up is Jaipur, another city but much smaller in scale and with a distinctly different feel. Home to the imperius Amber Fort, beautiful palaces and many speciality craftspeople. There’s a good chance you will see elephants randomly wandering down the street here.

We also escape the cities and spend some days in Ranthambore National Park, a nature reserve home to several indigenous animals including the Bengal Tiger.

Then there is Varanasi, which is located on the Ganges River, a highly spiritual spot in India where many people come to lay their relatives to rest while a hive of other/unrelated activity happens in parallel on the river banks. It’s a moving place to visit and a real highlight of this trip.

Next stop is Mumbai (formerly Bombay) which is a very modern Indian city, a favourite place of many, and it’s great to see the contrast between here and Delhi.

And after a fairly intense trip around India, we finish up in the beach resort of Goa, a perfect place to unwind for a few days before making your journey back home (and potentially tagging on a few extra days by the beach).

India is special. If you’re the type of person who is fascinated by other cultures, this one’s for you. Similar to Morocco, the itinerary is a little more focused on seeing rather than doing but we’re sure this trip will leave you wanting to come back for more.


Other Way Round Travel India

PERU (12 Days)

For breathtaking nature and architectural wonders!

If you’re looking for a big, life-altering, bucket-list type trip then Peru could be the one.

We start in the capital Lima which is a very cool place in a quite frankly stunning setting set upon emerald green cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s also known as one of the food hotspots of the world and regularly has restaurants winning top worldwide awards.

From there we head on over to the Amazon Rainforest which is a place that everyone should experience in their lifetime. The sense of peace, awe and wonder you feel in this place is unreal.

Then to the Andes Mountains where we base ourselves in the Sacred Valley which is full of picturesque landscapes and small mountain towns.

And from here we hike the Inca Trail to…wait for it…Machu Picchu. Similar to the Amazon, the only word to describe this experience is pure AWE. It’s one of those places you’ve probably seen a million times on Instagram, but, you’ll find that the pictures do no justice to how it actually feels to be here in real life. This place will mark you.

We finish up our Peru trip in Cusco, which is a pretty colonial city with a great atmosphere, lots of history and a jumping off point for Rainbow Mountain.

The Peru itinerary has bike rides, cooking lessons, market visits, historical sites, Amazon boat rides, rainforest treks, inca trail hikes, chocolate making and more! 


It’s a big hitter.


Other Way Round Travel Peru