23 Things to Expect on an Other Way Round Trip (to Colombia)

by | Jan 23, 2020

Hola! We’re Other Way Round and we specialise in Colombia trips for adventure loving people aged 25-45. Thinking about joining one of our trips? Here’s what you can expect.

1. You’re going to see a lot of epic views (and we mean everywhere). These are just a few.

Like the Guatape reservoir.

Overlooking Guatape during Other Way Round trip to Colombia

Or this…(that’s Bogota btw).

Overlooking Bogota from Monserrate during Otherwayround tour of Colombia

The view over Jardin’s not too shabby either (the beer definitely helps right)?

Viewpoint from Jardin during Other Way Round Colombia trip

2. You’ve probably never heard of any of the food – but it’s delicious! (especially if you have a big appetite). Bandeja Paisa is a must try.

Bandeja Paisa Medellin Colombia Other Way Round

3. You get to do an awesome hike through the jungle – think “Tomb Raider” meets “The Beach” (bonus points if you spot a monkey/snake/crocodile).

Hiking through Parque Tayrona with Other Way Round tour group

Or how about a “gentle stroll” through the countryside in Antioquia instead?

Hiking Antioquia Colombia with Other Way Round Travel

4. The graffiti is on another level.

Graffiti in getsemani Cartagena

And remember – it’s important to look badass when posing with graffiti. We’re totally pulling it off right? (ok maybe not quite. Can you guess who’s the graffiti artist)? 🙈

Other Way Round Tour Group in Comuna 13 Medellin

5. There’s a lot of “chubby” statues. Apparently some guy from Medellin has a thing for them!

Plaza Botero Medellin

Ok turns out ‘that guy’ is a bit of a local legend called Fernando Botero. He’s famed throughout the world for his voluminous style of art. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Botero statue in Medellin Colombia

6. So many lush lush mountains. Medellin & Bogota are located smack in the middle of the Andes and the setting is spectacular.

Andes Mountains Colombia

 7. We do like a bit of sailing – especially when there’s sunshine, cocktails & island hopping involved.

Sailing in the Rosario Islands Colombia with Other Way Round Tour Group

And there’s plenty of time for frolicking around in that crystal clear sea.

Visiting Rosario Islands Cartagena with Other Way Round Travel

8. Beer + Gunpowder = an explosive night out (and a shit ton of fun)

It’s called Tejo and you’re going to LOVE it.

Tejo Bogota Colombia

Ok, it’s kinda difficult to catch the explosion on camera but when it happens, you’ll know! 💥

Playing Tejo in Bogota Colombia as part of Other Way Round Tour

9. Coffee. Directamente from the source.

You’ll have to do a little work first.

Visiting the coffee farm in Jardin with Other Way Round Travel

And then…look at those happy faces.

Drinking Colombian coffee with Other Way Round tour group guests

10. The towns are like something out of a fairytale. So so colourful.

Guatapa Colombia

11. Reggeaton, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Champeta & more. Hope you like music because there’s no avoiding it 🎶

Colombian music in Cartagena with Other Way Round Travel

12. Colombia has the cutest little houses. We especially LOVE the doors.

Colorful streets of Jardin Colombia

Just be careful of oncoming traffic.

Horses in streets of Jardin Colombia

13. There’s a very (very) random rock sticking out of the earth which is apparently 65 million years old. Oh, and you get to climb it !

Otherwayround travel guest photo in front of piedra del penol

Selfies first of course. And then, time to hit those 700 steps.

Climbing la piedra del penol with Other Way Round Travel

14. This is not some fluffy tourist experience. You’re going to see the real Colombia. Expect to be blown away! 

Immersive travel with Other Way Round Colombia

15. It’s a fruit lovers paradise. There’s exotic fruits in abundance and everything tastes so much fresher and juicier here.

Fruit Vendors in Cartagena Colombia

16. Even if you think you can dance, you probably can’t compared to Colombians (sorry). Their moves are off the charts. Great laugh to give it a try though.💃

Champeta dance lesson during Other Way Round tour of Colombia

17. We do enjoy a nice hotel. Nothing too fancy but somewhere with a bit of style and personality. And we definitely like a cheeky swimming pool.

Hotel suring Other Way Round tour of Colombia

You are on holiday after all.

View from hotel in Jardin Colombia during Other Way Round Tour

18. Rum. Not just any rum, but really really good rum. Oh and with chocolate. If you’re not a rum drinker, good chance you will be after this.

Rum tasting with Other Way Round travel in Cartagena Colombia

19. It wouldn’t be a holiday without an exotic beach right? We present you Parque Tayrona.

Cabo San Juan Parque Tayrona Colombia

20. Quite possibly the friendliest people on earth. In truth, the people are the highlight of Colombia.

This is Andres, coffee farmer and absolute legend! (he’s the one in the hat btw) 😉

Colombian Coffee farmer photo with Other Way Round guest

21. There’s a party on a bus. It’s called a Chiva Rumbera and you’re going to love it (or hate it) but either way you’ve got to experience it.

Live music.

Party bus Cartagena with Other Way Round travel

MC? – you bet!

Chiva rumbera Cartagena Colombia

Cerveza, rum and the all important maracas – all set for a lively night.

Other Way Round tour group on chiva rumbera Cartagena Colombia

22. Your fun loving trip hosts.

Steve, Marcela, Julian. Completely responsible of course, but yeah we do also like to get involved in the fun!

Other Way Round tour guides Steve, Marcela and Julian

23. Most importantly. A solid bunch of adventurous travellers to have a laugh with along the way (totally biased of course but we do seem to get the best guests) ❤️

Other Way Round travel guests photo piedra del penol

(P.s. it was windy that day)!

Sound good? Then go check our itineraries and come get involved!

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Colombia All-In