Giving back to Colombia’s local community is extremely important to us. When you book a trip with Other Way Round, we’ll make a donation to Fundación Poder Joven, which covers the cost of food, education, and healthcare expenses for one child for one month.

Picture of Poder Joven as part of Other Way Round's ethical tourism approach

Striving For Ethical Tourism in Colombia

Colombia’s Humanitarian Crisis 

After 50 years of armed conflict, and several decades of drug violence, Colombia continues to be the country with the most Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the world. To put it in context, that’s more than Syria, Iraq, or Sudan. More than 7 million people (about 15% of the overall population) fled their farms and villages to resettle on the outskirts of cities like Bogota and Medellin, which were ill-equipped to deal with such an influx. This produced the most prolonged and grave humanitarian crisis in the Americas. It is in this context that Poder Joven does its excellent work.

Created by the Young, For the Young

In December of 1995, a group of university students in Medellin decided to start serving children who were victims of poverty and social deterioration in the city. The initial objective was to assist the street children and help them find a decent place to live. However, they learned that the best way to contribute to the social issue of street children is prevention. With this mission in mind, Poder Joven was officially founded in July 1996 as a non-profit organization.

Giving Kids a Safe Alternative

Poder Joven has community centers in 2 of the most difficult areas of Medellin. Some parents struggle to support their families through informal activities like recycling or selling candies in the streets, while others turn to illegal activities, leaving the children to spend their days unsupervised in a hostile environment. Many children are prone to escape from their homes, choosing instead to live on the streets. The foundation provides over 150 of these children with a safe place where they can develop alternatives for a better life. They provide two meals per day, enroll the kids in school, and deliver educational, psychological, and medical assistance as needed.

One Trip. One Child. One Month

We selected Poder Joven as our partner because we know them personally, having volunteered there for four months during 2017. We’ve seen first hand the great work they do and have witnessed how much they benefit the communities in which they operate. We know that your donations through Other Way Round make a significant difference to these children’s lives. This donation covers the cost of food, education, and healthcare for one child for one month. As we grow, we plan to partner with similar social and environmental charities in other regions of Colombia.

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