Jardin, Colombia – A Little Slice of Paradise

by | Feb 24, 2022

So, funny story.

When we started running our first group tours in Colombia, almost without fail, each of my Colombian friends would excitedly tell me “you need to take your guests to Jardin”!

And so, I’d take a look on Google, and it certainly looked very cool. A beautiful little country town situated in Antioquia, a few hours south of Medellin.


  1. There were so many other fantastic little towns so much closer to Medellin
  2. It looked like a hassle to get there
  3. We already had our Colombia All-In itinerary mapped out (and it didn’t include Jardin)

So, for a while, I stubbornly held out (and if you know me, that won’t be a surprise) 🙂

But then, I went for a visit.

More on a personal trip with some local friends.

And from that point forth, it was impossible to keep Jardin out of our Colombia itinerary.

In fact, it’s often mentioned by our guests as the highlight of their trip.

Here’s why.

1. The setting is stunning. It’s this perfect little town nestled in the Andes mountains. Feels like the middle of nowhere.

Scenic view over jardin, colombia

Not really sure why we needed a beer in that one. Although, it is the perfect spot for an ice cold cerveza (that’s probably what we were thinking) 🙂

Maybe this one’s a little better!

Selfie overlooking jardin, colombia

You get the point…Jardin is beautiful.

2. The streets are a sea of colour (and don’t even get us started on the facades)

This is the local hotel. Pretty cool right?

local hotel in jardin, colombia

It even looks cute in the rain.

colourful streets in jardin, colombia

We could post these all day long.

But we’ll stop with this one.

colourful house in jardin, colombia

3. It’s centred around the most beautiful church (it’s so nice that we even forgive the 6am bell ringing)

But seriously, bring your earplugs!

Main church in jardin, colombia

It’s blue and gold on the inside.

inside of church in jardin, colombia

4. There’s lots of great hiking routes

Quiet country paths, sloping through the Andes.

Hiking in jardin, colombia

Passing lots of colourful fincas along the way.

(the big man’s happy)!

Fincas in jardin, colombia

Look at it though, it’s just LUSH.

Andes mountains in jardin, colombia

5. It’s proper cowboy country

Here’s the guy you get your horse from.

Andes mountains in jardin, colombia

This fella’s the real deal.

Cowboy in jardin, Colombia

Us? Not so much (but hey, we’re trying) 🤠

Andes mountains in jardin, colombia

6. It’s where they grow Colombian coffee. You can visit a local farm and see where your morning brew comes from

Pick the beans first.

(these two make it look so glamarous don’t they).

Put them in this rather cool little machine.

Coffee machine in jardin, colombia

Dry them in the sun.

Coffee farm in Jardin, Colombia

And there you have it.

You’ve got yourself some freshly brewed Colombian coffee (Arabica if you want to get technical).

And yes, we may have skipped a few steps…

But you get the idea.

Happy faces mean we like it.

Drinking coffee in jardin, colombia

9. “La Garrucha”

A tiny metal cage. Hanging from a wire. Used to transport you from the top to the bottom of the mountain.

Not going to lie here, it’s quite a drop!

La garrucha in Jardin, Colombia

Almost certain that you wouldn’t have come across something like this before (but hey, when in Colombia).

Not scared at all…

Group tour in jardin, colombia

Nope, not one bit. Those are excited faces (that’s what they tell me).

Riding la garrucha in jardin, colombia

10. Jardin is super chill

And seriously peaceful.

It’s the perfect place to unwind. Listen to the birds. Read a book. Meander through the towns cobbled streets.

And lay on a hammock of course.

Relaxing in jardin, colombia

You’ll find the locals doing the same.

And yeah, we like to hang out in the main square, drink beer and eat ice cream.

It’s a great spot for people watching.

Other Way Round Travel group tour in jardin, colombia

10. Jardin is filled with charming little rustic hotels

Zero big chains here.

Rustic hotel in jardin, colombia

12. There’s a ton of waterfalls

You’ll find them only a short walk from the town.

Waterfalls in jardin, colombia

13. The locals here travel in style

Brightly coloured 4x4s. And cowboy hats (And yes, for sure, he’s been working on that pose).

P.s. apparently it was green shirt day! 

Driving jeeps in jardin, colombia

This time with us in it (it’s a super scenic ride to the coffee farm).

So there you have it, that’s JARDIN.

I think you’ll understand now why we come here (and I don’t even think we’ve done it justice).

Trust us on this one – just come!

So, does Jardin seem like your vibe? If so, check out our 15-Day Colombia All-In trip where we spend a magical 2 days in this brilliant little town.