OWR Guest Q&A – Varsha, UK

by | May 3, 2021

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi. I’m Varsha Patel, aged 40, live in North-West London and work in the Civil Service. I travelled with Other Way Round Travel on their 15-day Colombia All-In trip.

Why did you book this trip?

I had wanted to travel to Colombia for a few years and put it off due to friends not being available to travel at the same time as me. I started researching group tours and really liked the sound of OWR as their trips contained a real mixture of activities and covered the main destinations I wanted to visit, plus a few additional ones.

Had you been on a group tour before? If yes, how did this compare?

This was my first group tour and I feel that the bar has been set very high.

Other Way Round Travel group tour of Colombia

Did you have any fears before coming on the trip?

As this was my first group tour, I did have a few concerns. Would the group get on? Would we spend lots of time waiting around for people? As I was undecided about whether a group tour was for me, I asked a work colleague if she would like to join me (she agreed). We decided that the tour would be the best option for us, as we had only known each other for a few months. We would have the best of both worlds of knowing someone else on the trip and having the wider group if we got on each other’s nerves! By the time we travelled another work colleague and my cousin also decided to join the trip.

How did you get along with your group?

The group got on very well. It ended up being an all-female group and everyone was very likeminded.

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Guest review of Other Way Round Travel

How were your tour guides?

The tour guides were fantastic, very knowledgeable and so easy to get on with. It felt as though they were part of the group rather than guides. Where the guides didn’t have detailed knowledge about a particular place, they used a local guide to ensure we got the most out of the experience.

What were some of the highlights of your trip?

There were so many parts of the trip that I enjoyed. A few of the standout ones were rum tasting in Cartagena, seeing in the new year on a chiva party bus in Medellin, visiting a coffee farm in Jardin, Guatape, Tayrona national park and seeing the Rosario islands on a private speedboat.

Colombia group trip with Other Way Round Travel

Any favourite local foods that you’d recommend?

The food on the trip was another highlight for me. I am vegetarian and a big foodie but am often limited in trying local foods abroad due to lack of knowledge and language barriers. The fact that Steve was also vegetarian meant everywhere we went we had vegetarian options, he was able to recommend dishes and he was also able to ask the restaurant staff any questions we had. I really enjoyed the coconut lemonade that was available in most restaurants.

What did you know about Colombia before the trip?

My main association with Colombia before the trip was Escobar and the Colombian drug trade (sorry!). I also knew it had a vibrant nightlife, lots of amazing street art and varied landscapes across the country.

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Travelling Colombia with Other Way Round Travel

What did you learn about Colombia during the trip? What’s your lasting impression of the country?

I learned that Colombia has so much to offer, there really is something for everyone. The Colombian’s are really friendly and have a true passion for their country which is lovely to see. Due to the size of the country and the variety of things to see and experience, I would not hesitate to go back in the future.

How would you sum up your overall experience?

This trip exceeded my expectations. I loved my first taste of Colombia and it was hassle free as everything was arranged for me.

What would you say to anyone thinking of travelling with OWR?

Do it, you won’t regret it. I already have my next trip booked with OWR!

Medellin Colombia with Other Way Round Travel

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