Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know Before You Book

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Typically Comes on the Trip?

We know that WHO you travel with is every bit as important as WHERE you go.

And it’s hugely important to us too.

That’s why we put so much effort into bringing together a group of LIKE-MINDED travellers of a similar AGE.

You will be surrounded by other travellers who are open-minded, adventurous, who enjoy being active, learning about the local culture and meeting new people.

Our groups typically get along very well!

We tend to attract a certain type of customer and so if our trips interest YOU, it’s very (very) likely that you will have a lot in common with the other members of the group (think about it, they’re attracted to the same things).

p.s. we know that “like-minded” can be a bit of a buzzword, especially in the travel industry. You can check our definition here.

I'm Travelling Solo, Will I Be The Only One?


Quite the opposite actually – the vast majority of our travellers come solo (and meeting other like-minded solo travellers is often the highlight of the trip)

Sometimes people bring a friend, sometimes there are couples, but if you are travelling solo you will definitely be in the majority.

Can I Bring A Friend / Partner?


The more the merrier!

Will Steve / Marcela (founders of OWR) be on the trip?


There will always be at least one of us (and sometimes both) hosting the trip.

When Marcela is not on the trip, Steve will co-host with another Colombian guide (i.e. there will always be a local Colombian on the trip).

How Strict Is The 25-45 Age Restriction?

Our trips are very much designed for this age group and we’re big believers in bringing together groups of similar age.

Therefore the vast majority of our travellers will be between 25-45.

However, if you are close to this age range and feel like you’d fit in well with the group, you are more than welcome!

What Are The Group Sizes?

We like to have groups large enough to generate a fun, social atmosphere yet small enough so that we can fly under the radar.

Therefore our groups sizes are always between 4 – 12, with an average of 10 guests.

What If I Have Problems With My Roommate?

We know this is something that many people worry about in advance, but we can tell you from experience that it is very rarely an issue.

Quite the opposite actually.

We find that most often roommates tend to form some of the strongest bonds within the group.

However, if you do have an issue with a roommate during the trip, let us know and we’ll move you to a different room.

Why Should I Travel to Colombia?

Go check some of the videos on this page and tell us if you still need convincing!

Why Would I Go On a Tour When I Could Do This Myself?

We could talk about this subject all day long, but, for the sake of brevity…


  • Meet a ready made group of travel buddies, your age, sharing a similar philosophy on travel
  • Experience Colombia in a way most visitors never will
  • Travel safely, with experts, who know the country inside-out
  • Have a positive impact on Colombia and help support local communities
  • Stay in some of the coolest hotels, enjoy awesome food and hang out in the hippest local bars
  • Enjoy a hassle-free trip where you don’t have to worry about planning, logistics, transport, bookings, language barrier etc…
Are There Private Rooms Available?


Our standard prices are based on sharing a twin with a fellow (same sex) traveller but if you prefer a private room then this is possible at an extra cost.

It is roughly £40 / €50 / $60 extra per night.

If you’re interested, ask us for a formal quote.

What's Included / Not Included in the Price?

At the top of all of our itinerary pages you will find listed specifically what is and what isn’t included in the price for that trip.

Generally speaking:


International flights and travel insurance are not included in our ticket price, you will have to organise and pay for these separately.


We try to include almost everything from the point you land in Colombia so that you can simply focus on enjoying your trip. Your ticket price covers the majority of what you will need while here.

Two exceptions are

  • some meals
  • activities during free time

This is done so that you can have flexibility during your trip to go off and explore your own personal interests (if you wish to do so).

See “how much spending money” question to understand expected costs.

How Much Spending Money Will I Need?

Our trips really do include just about everything.

They were designed so that while you’re in Colombia all you need to do is focus on enjoying yourself.

With that said you will need a little spending money which we estimate as follows:


  • £150 – £250 (UK)
  • €175 –  €300 (Europe)
  • $200 – $325 (US)


  • £300 – £500 (UK)
  • €350 –  €600 (Europe)
  • $400 – $650 (US)

These estimates include lunches and dinners not included within the itinerary; snacks and water; a couple of alcoholic drinks each day; and optional activities during free time.

(In general, in Colombia you can expect to pay around half of what you would back home for food, snacks and alcohol).

Which Hotels Will We Stay In?

We’re all about travelling in style and a big part of that is staying in awesome hotels.

You will stay in some of the nicest hotels in Colombia, typically 4-star, boutique, and bursting with Colombian charm (we avoid corporate hotels like the plague).

If you would like to know the specific hotels we use, please get in touch.

What Type of Transport Will We Use?

It varies.

  • Internal Colombia flights – we will typically fly with Avianca or LATAM (the 2 best airlines in Colombia)
  • Day trips / moving between towns – we will have our own private minivan.
  • Sailing the Rosario Islands – our own private speedboat.
  • Within cities – we will sometimes use metro, buses, taxis for shorter trips as they are usually easier and make for a more authentic local experience.
Do I Have To Do All Of The Activities?


Everything on the itinerary is comletely optional.

Got two left feet and don’t want to join the dance class?  No problem at all.

Prefer to skip the hike and chill by the pool? Go ahead, you’re on holiday after all!

Do You Have Recommendations For Free-Time?


We will send a pre-trip information pack a few months prior to departure which will includes various options for free time activities.

If you can’t wait, just get in touch and we’ll give you the run down!

Will I Be Left Alone During Free Time?

Free time is specifically built into the itinerary to

a) give you some downtime from what is a fairly busy schedule and

b) give you flexibility to pursue your own personal interests.

Therefore if you want to go explore alone this is your opportunity!

But, most often, members of the group will plan some fun activities together.

And your hosts (that’s us) will always be available if you’re looking for some company during these periods.

Will I Eat Alone When Meals Are Not Included?

Even on days when there is not a formal meal as part of the itinerary, most members of the group will typically still eat together.

We will always recommend restaurant (and bar for later) on these days (which you may choose to try our or you can also go discover somewhere else completely different).

Do You Cater For Vegetarian / Vegan?


We (Steve & Marcela) are vegetarian ourselves and so know exactly where to find the best veg / vegan food in Colombia.

The good news is that the number of options in Colombia is increasing rapidly and we often have vegetarians and vegans on our trips.

Flight Information

You can arrive into Colombia at any time on the first day of the trip and leave at any point on the last day.

Airports are as follows:-

  • Medellin (MED): Jose Maria Cordova
  • Bogota (BOG): El Dorado
  • Cartagena (CTG): Rafael Núñez

Flight prices can vary depending on time of year.

Get in touch and tell us where you’re based, we can then help you select the best flight options (even if you are justing costing up at this point).

Can I Arrive Earlier / Stay Later?

Absolutely yes.

Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you coordinate.

What If I Book My Flight and Then You Cancel The Tour?

Firstly, you should only book your flights after we have confirmed your place is reserved on a tour.

After booking flights, if at any point we (Other Way Round) cancel the tour, we will refund your full ticket price and also reimburse you for anything you lose on flight tickets.

(note that we’ve never had to do this so far – our tours book up fast)!

What's The Booking Process? Is A Deposit Required?

It’s easy.

  1. You contact us to tell us you’d like to book and for which dates
  2. We check availability. If there’s places remaining then…
  3. We email you an invoice
  4. You pay 20% at the time of booking (via debit / credit card)
  5. You pay the remainder 2 months prior to the trip date.

It’s that simple.

Do You Have Recommendations For Travel Insurance?

Every traveller must have their own private travel insurance (which is a fairly standard process for tour companies).

You will not be allowed on the trip with our it.

There are many different options available, here are two which we recommend:

World Nomads: https://www.worldnomads.com/

Allianz: https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/

Visas? Vaccinations? Packing Lists?

A few months prior to your trip, we will send you a detailed ‘pre-trip information pack’ which includes everything you could ever need to know about travelling Colombia (including visas, vaccinations, and packing lists)

Get In Touch


Drop us a quick note and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Or if you prefer, email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp +1-202-651-1639