2 Epic Days in the Amazon, Peru

by | Apr 13, 2023

The Amazon rainforest is huge.

It covers 9 countries – Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela, French Guiana and of course Peru.

It is also breathtaking. Somewhere that instantly puts life into perspective and brings a sense of peace and awe at the same time.

During our 12-Day Peru Trip we spend 2 days in the Amazon and it’s…well…amazing (sorry – had to get that in there).

Here’s what we get up to.

Amazon rainforest, Peru

We fly into Puerto Maldonado, a small Peruvian town on the edge of the jungle. We get here by a 1.5hr flight from Lima.

Upon arrival we pack up our luggage and make our way to our hotel on the banks of the Amazon river.

(the ride in itself is interesting as you get to see this small rural town which is a world of difference from the big bustling city of Lima).

Hotel on the banks of the Amazon river, Peru

The hotel we stay in is lush.

It’s the perfect spot – it’s super peaceful and feels very remote, but is actually only 30 minutes from the town.

It’s very modern with nice clean rooms with great aircon (important as it’s pretty humid here). It’s also  small, so we tend to get most of the hotel to ourselves.

And the best part… it has a wonderful infinity swimming pool where you can relax while watching local boats cruise along the Amazon river.

Swimming pool at our hotel on the Amazon river, Peru

On our first day there we catch a boat across river to go visit a local Amazonian farm, hosted by Ruth and Edson (who are absolute legends).

Getting into a river boat in the Amazon Peru

The sense of sailing down the Amazon feels quite surreal.

Food in Oaxaca, Mexico

At the farm, we go for a leisurely walk around the grounds and Edson teaches us all about the things they produce there – bananas, mangoes, pineapple, cacao and so much more. It’s a genuinely fantastic insight into where much of our exotic foods come from.

Visiting an Amazonian farm in Peru

It’s important that you wear your best ‘jungle chic’ for the occasion (ok that’s a joke, but it is good to cover yourself up to avoid the mozzies). 

Other Way Round Travel group in Peru

Learning from the master.

Learning about the foods from Amazonian farm Peru

This is achiote and it’s used for many things including food flavouring, lipsticks, dyes.

Achiote in the Amazon, Peru

Oh, and also this!

Other Way Round Travel group Puerto Maldonado Peru

After our walk, Ruth then steps in to teach us how to make chocolate.

Cacao plantation in the Amazon Peru

These are the Cacao plants, grown here at the farm. This is where our chocolate comes from and Peru is one of the world’s largest producers.

Cacao plant in the Amazon, Peru

We set up a little production line and go from the Cacao plant through to end product.

Cacao workshop in the Amazon, Peru

At the end we’re left with a delicious 100% cacao paste which can then be mixed with other ingredients and crafted into a choclate bar.

Cacao workshop with Other Way Round Travel

On the second day, we get up early (probably best if we don’t say how early) and make our way to a local lake called Lake Sandoval.

It’s what’s known as an Oxbow Lake and home to an array of exotic animals – macaws, monkeys, caiman, giant river otters, anacondas, piranhas and so much more.

Lake Sandoval, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

After a short sunrise boat trip, we hike through the rainforest to get to the lake.

Other Way Round Travel group hiking through the Amazon rainforest

The rainforest hike is epic and we pass by many trees which are 100s of years old.

Looking at ancient trees in the Amazon, Peru

When we arrive at the lake we then swap into a canoe to go wildlife spotting.

Canoeing on Lake Sandoval, Peru

It’s fascinating to see the variety of wildlife here in this largely untouched place.

Other Way Round Travel Group on Lake Sandoval, Peru

Howler monkey or Macaw??

Spotting animals in the Peruvian Amazon

Afterwards, we head back to our hotel and reward the mornings efforts with a chilled afternoon.

First up, Amazonian style lunch.

Lunch at Hacienda Herrera

It’d be rude to come all this way and not try out that pool. Right??

Other Way Round Travel group in swimming pool in Amazon, Peru

It’s a great point in the trip to cacth up on a siesta.

Relaxing on hammocks in the Amazon, Peru

And how about this idyllic little spot for a swing.

Enjoying the views in the Peruvian Amazon

As we get into the late afternoon it’s time for one last foray onto the river. Not before a quick cocktail though! 

Other Way Round Travel group cocktails on the Amazon River

Then get ready for the best sunset you have ever seen in your life.

Sunset on the Amazon River Peru

Look at this! The perfect way to end our Amazon adventure.

Amazon river sunset in Peru with Other Way Round Travel

We only spend a short time in the Amazon because there’s so much more for us to see and do during our 12-Day Peru Tour.

But it’s such a surreal place and one of those experiences that will undoubtedly stick with you for the rest of your life.